[Spanx and the CMT Awards]

Well, it has come and gone – the 2012 CMT Awards were June 6th, –  followed by the CMA Festival. What a crazy week!

If you ever wanted to know what goes on backstage at an awards show or what in the world do those people in all black with headsets do – here’s the scoop…well, some of it! I can’t give you all the secrets!

I’ve worked award shows for 6 years now – all different from the last. It’s complete chaos, but organized chaos – at times. If you can’t handle being pulled in a million different directions – or being yelled at to get an artist to a certain area and then the next minute everything is calm – I wouldn’t recommend getting into show business. It’s kind of like running a marathon. You pace yourself until it’s showtime, then it’s balls to the wall!

You can tell when someone is a first timer – they have that nervous look in their eyes and the, “Who am I going to be with all day” anxiety.

We have a meeting in the morning and find out which artist we are with and get a “One Sheet” along with other paper work that will help us throughout the day. After that, it’s off to find your artist if they are on property or just chill until their call time. Sound easy, right?

Here is how my day went with Rascal Flatts at the CMT Awards!

We rehearse through the whole show right before the actual show starts – usually starts at 12 or 1. This can be a little hectic since some artists are late and rehearsals sometimes run late with certain issues happening. Luckily, nothing major happened…

Rascal Flatts call time wasn’t until afternoon, but they did have buses on the property. I went out to the first bus and knocked to see if any of their management was on there. It turned out Tiffany Fallon was on there (Joe Don’s wife). She is a down to earth sweet heart! She was preparing for the show on the bus. We chit chatted and I waited for the guys to arrive. Shortly after our convo, Jay showed up with his wife. Gary was the next to arrive with his daughter, Brittany and Joe Don arrived last.

The guys  were scheduled to rehearse right after Joe Don arrived. We headed to the arena and got set to rehearse with Journey. After rehearsals the guys headed back to the buses to get ready for the red carpet – We had about an hour before red carpet.

This is the sit and wait time. Nerves start to begin because it’s almost show time. This is also the time I run backstage and grab a quick bite to eat and run back to their buses. The reason we follow them around like a lost puppy? Many reasons! Mostly they could get lost and we need them in a certain place at a certain time. Eyes are always needed on every artist just in case we need them at any point and time. Maybe that’s why we look so serious…cause if we lose sight, it ain’t pretty =)

The red or purple carpet is always a big rush. You can’t hear well because fans are screaming and you also have to watch what time it is because when we leave the carpet, we go downstairs to more press, which is hectic. Usually you get blinded by the millions of flashes, but it’s all good. We made it through the photogs and headed to interviews on the carpet. Tiffany had said the guys are hard to keep track of because they go in all directions, as did their management – what fun it is to chase people around.

That brings me to SPANX…Tiffany brought up that she loves spanx…which led me wanting to smack her because first of all, the girl is a playmate and the size of my arm – but if you want to wear spanx…go for it.

We got off the red carpet about 6:30, which gave us 15 minutes to be in our seats…so much time – not really. We headed downstairs and hit all the media and other celebs, which everyone talks to each other – it’s like a huge high school reunion. This is usually when you start getting the, “we need so and so in their seat” aka where are they and you better move them fast 🙂 Thankfully, their management was awesome and we worked well together by moving the guys through media and getting them out into the audience.

During the show we wait until our artist leaves their seat to perform, present, leave, or just come hang out backstage. Once the show begins, you can take a deep breath – until they move. When artists start moving around backstage during the show, it gets crazy. Thankfully, the guys didn’t move too much during the show. So it was basically a huge break until they performed. The guys came back to get ready for their performance, which was the finale. Being the last performance was perfect because once it ended that was it.

My feet hurt, hell, my body hurt from running around all day, but you never pay attention to it because you are so busy and it’s such a blast.

So that’s my story of the CMT Awards. Award shows are always a blast no matter how tired you are afterwards. I hope you enjoyed the show and if you went to CMA Fest, I hope you had fun and plenty of booze! Good times for sure!

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