Listen Up!! Literally – Jill & Kate’s Album “Heart of Stone” is Out!

If you haven’t heard of these ladies (Jill & Kate) – WAKE UP! You are definitely missing out!

Their songs are amazing to say the least and shut the front door – they write their own stuff! The way their voices blend together is like no other. You have to take a listen for yourself..Do it HERE!

Here’s a little background for ya…

Many know them as Kelly Clarkson’s background vocalists/guitarist. Granted, that’s a huge accomplishment and certainly helps at getting their name out, I highly doubt they needed that push to become successful. The three of them even started their own band, Already Famous. I’m guessing that project has been put on hold or maybe it was just a, “hey, let’s have some fun and record some stuff”, type deal. 

How they met: Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier met at the Contemporary Music Center on Martha’s Vineyard, an invitation-only artists’ colony that offers master classes in songwriting, recording, and performing. It was there on the Vineyard, they formed the acoustic pop duo, “JillandKate”. On most days, you can find “JillandKate” touring the globe and singing alongside Kelly Clarkson in her live performance band.

Why they are like no other… Of course, many are going to compare them to every female artist out there (Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Taylor Swift, etc), but the way they harmonize and flow together is pretty much perfection. You can find numerous “singers” out there today, but most cannot pull off acoustic performances as flawless as them. They never miss a beat or note. Jill is a skillful guitarist who makes playing look so dang easy – don’t you hate that? If you ever have the chance to see these girls live, DO IT! You won’t be disappointed and if you are I’ll refund your ticket – that’s how sure I am! 

Jill & Kate (or Kate & Jill – dyslexic ha!) balance each other out like nothing you have seen…and I gotta say they are  the most down to earth people I know…and pretty hilarious. What friend would encourage you to suck at times? Kate would! =)  Someone needs to write down the stuff that comes out of their mouth…Actually, I’m sure someone does!

To find out more info about Jill & Kate, click here. You can also order the album “Heart of Stone” there, as well on itunes starting today!

Listen to these: “What Do You Say”, “Burn It Down”, “Heart of Stone”

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