An open letter to airplane riders


Dear plane riders,

Whether you travel a short distance or half a world away, I’m pretty sure we all encounter the same kind of people on the plane. Here’s my plea to all the travel bugs out there.

Parents who bring their kids on the plane… You know why your newborn is crying nonstop? It’s because they feel bad for you. Your child knows how many eyes are on you — travelers wishing you weren’t on board, or worse, traveler’s hoping they can stow you and your kid away on the overhead compartment bin. I get it, parents, you want your 3-month old baby to experience travel. Guess what? They won’t remember it (What are you gonna say, “Hey, remember when you were 3 months old and we took you to Paris?) I hate to break it to you, big daddy, but that trip doesn’t count. Unless your kid is…

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