Help A Pup Out & Make A Difference! Donate – Donate – Donate!

Help a pup out and be entered in to win amazing prize packs! The fundraiser continues to move on to try and reach the Platinum status for Ran Fans at the Redemption Ranch! Have a few bucks? $5, $10, $15? Donate here! If you want to see the complete details regarding the fundraiser click here. You have until my birthday (November 30th) to donate in ordered to be entered in to win for the November Prize Pack!

Don’t feel comfortable paying online? That’s ok! Check or Money Order – make out a check or money order, payable to Pawsitively Famous, Inc. (not to any of its individual members).

****R.A.C.E. can provide you with a proof of donation for Tax purposes*****

Our mailing address is:
c/o Pawsitively Famous
PO Box 389
Columbia, MO 65205-0389


The November prize pack is now up for grabs if you donate (any amount will work!) See below for the prize pack.


The GRAND PRIZE at the end of the year will be a plaque! All donors will be entered for this prize!



One thought on “Help A Pup Out & Make A Difference! Donate – Donate – Donate!

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    Don’t forget to make your November donation!!

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