15 Signs You’re a Picky Eater

1. Chicken fingers and fries is your go-to. There’s nothing you want more, ever.

But you don't eat that white stuff, obv.

2. You don’t understand why the all items on the kid’s menu can’t be on the regular menu as well, in bigger portions. 


3. You looooooove mac and cheese, but only Kraft shapes or regular Annies. None of that other BS mac and cheese. Unless it’s homemade with BREADCRUMBS.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Halloween Shapes Ready

4. You eat the same thing for lunch every day. It’s a routine, and why would you break it? To try something new? NO THANKS!!!


5. You can never decide what to have for dinner. You literally rotate the same meals throughout the week, but it never gets any easier. You’re just never in the mood for anything except cheese and carbs. Ugh.


6. You’re not sure why you bother looking at menus when you go out to eat because you always order the same thing every time.


7. Ordering burgers is very adventurous for you. Especially if you add cheese. You don’t add anything else though because LETTUCE, TOMATOES, ONIONS?!?! More like AHHHHHHH.

That's all it takes.

8. Mexican food? Cheese quesadillas please. No meat. No nothing. Just the cheese. BREAD AND CHEESE. MEAL OF CHAMPIONS. (You are the person who orders this at Chipotle – off the kids menu – it’s fine)


9. When ordering a sandwich, people are always confused by your order. Can I have the chicken finger sandwich? Sure, I’ll have some cheese on the chicken. Nope, nothing else. No, really. Nothing else. No, no lettuce. Or mayonnaise. REALLY, THAT’S IT. I’M GOOD.

THIS is terrifying. The green. The red. The white. AHH.

10. Your friends find it hilarious when you order everything plain. Or maybe they just laugh out of embarrassment for you.


11. When someone asks you to go out to dinner, you immediately panic. What type of food do they want? Will they have anything on the menu you’ll actually eat?  Should you ask where they want to go so you can look up the menu before? Will it even matter? Will they change the restaurant based on your needs? Do you think they have french fries? And, more importantly, do you think they’ll be good french fries, or those fancy steak fries? God, I hope they’re the good french fries. You know, the inexpensive kind.


12. The smaller the menu, the scarier the restaurant. So in other words, fancy restaurants aren’t exactly your thing. At least you’re a cheap date.


13. You only leave your comfort zone with food when your mom makes it. Well, most of the time. Those pieces of green stuff still kind of scare you though… but ‘tevs. YOLO, right? Maybeeeeee not.


14. You love popcorn. Best snack ever! Only snack ever!

i love to eat air

15. When all else fails, there’s always pizza. But only cheese pizza. No other kinds of pizza. ONLY. CHEESE.


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