17 People You Undoubtedly Knew While In High School Band

True story.

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American PieAmerican Pie

1. The Soloist

They were never seen in the band room without their instrument in hand, because they were massively talented and knew it. The band teacher probably even picked out particular music because there was a killer sax solo in it and they knew this student would destroy it metaphorically. Most other band kids had a love/hate relationship with them, kind of the way I imagine the members of Maroon 5 feel about Adam Levine.

2. The Real Section Leader

While The Soloist was probably first chair, the Real Section Leader was the second chair who was talented but more connected with the plebeians. They were the ones that gave helpful tips and probably ended up becoming a music teacher.

3. The One That Lived And Breathed Drumline

This one was incredibly serious about their craft, because they watched Drumline and had a spiritual awakening. They were…

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