Alvin’s Surgery

I wasn’t going to post about Alvin’s surgery that he had back in June – but then I thought, it may be helpful to those who are in search for info. I had a hard time trying to find anything when I first found his bump. Although, you should see a vet and get down to the bottom of something, instead of using WebMD. 🙂

Back in April, I found a bump in between his toes. I thought it was just a rock at first, but when I looked closer, it looked like he had another nail that had grown in. I remember noticing a pink bump awhile back, but that’s all it looked like. This looked exactly like another nail. He wasn’t bothering it at all, so I left it alone. I had texted one of my friends, who is a vet tech, and she said it should be fine as long as he doesn’t bother it. Of course, he started chewing at it. Once he started chewing on it, the area became very red (photos below). I tried to trim it down and it didn’t bother Alvin at all when I did that. When I clipped some off, it would just completely fall a part. I kept reading and looking at “crown” photos. The crowns looked very similar to what Alvin had.

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Once he started gnawing at it, I knew it was time to see the vet. We went in on a Saturday and the vet said it would be best to remove because it will more than likely become infected since he wouldn’t stop messing with it. He believed the “tumor/cyst” was non-cancerous, but they would send it off to the lab for testing and he expected a good outcome and recovery. I scheduled surgery for the following Thursday. During that time, I made Alvin wear the cone of shame – which he hated with a passion! He just lays in place or walks around and looks like a lamp shade!

The day of surgery, he went in around 8am and I called to check up around 1pm. They said he was doing fine and jumping around. Excuse me? Why is he jumping around after surgery! I was expecting a day off! 🙂 When I picked him up, he was so excited and jumping around like nothing happened! They had put an Alvin bandage on him – so cute! He ended up passing out that afternoon like a baby! Whew! The vet said surgery went well and they would get results back in a week or so to determine if they got it all and to find out exactly what it was. He had a few stitches – which he decided to pull out a couple days later! Ugh! Kids! 🙂

Ripped out stitches

Ripped out stitches

He had to return in two days for a wound check and possibly remove the bandage. They replaced the bandage on Saturday and said the wound looked fine. I took him in on Tuesday because he decided to get a little crazy and somehow pulled out a few stitches. They removed the bandage and Alvin had removed two stitches. We were to return on Thursday to remove the remaining stitch…if it was still there 🙂

Few days after surgery

Few days after surgery

The results finally came in and it turned out to be a wart. Yes – A WART! The vet said it was unlikely to return, but to keep an eye out. Apparently, these warts can appear on dogs who are in daycare or go to parks often. Once the stitches were completely out, which Alvin removed them all himself, he was ready to go. He wasn’t allowed to walk or play until those stitches were gone. He didn’t do well with those instructions! Alvin ripped the last one out on the way to the vet to have it removed. How convienent! It took about a month for the swelling to go down from surgery. I’m happy to report that the wart has yet to appear again and he is a healthy guy.

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Calling All Animal Lovers!! We Need Your Help!

Ran Fans Redemption Ranch Sponsorship Campaign

We need YOUR help in order for this to happen! Donate any amount and you’ll be put in a raffle to win amazing prize packs each month! This fundraiser is only until December 31, 2014! Donate each month to be entered into the drawing for that month. A prize pack will be given away in October, November & December! Once you donate, you will automatically be put in the raffle for the grand prize at the end of the fundraiser! Read below for more details and how/where to donate!
PayPal (best way!)———> CLICK THIS LINK

Calling all Ran Fans!!!!! Renovations at Redemption Ranch (formerly the Tishomingo Shelter) are in full swing! In an effort to assist with the cost of this massive makeover, Ran and MuttNation Foundation are reaching out to us all!The R.A.C.E. team is calling on all Ran Fans, old and new, to lend support. Our goal is to purchase one of the “cage sponsorships” that MNF is currently offering in support of Redemption Ranch. As you have probably seen, there are different levels of sponsorship. The amount raised during this effort will dictate the level we as RAN FANS collectively can purchase. Once the level is determined, a plaque will be affixed to one of the cages at Redemption Ranch with RAN FANS listed as the sponsor. The majority of any residual monies over the sponsorship level we reach will go towards MuttNation’s Redemption Ranch Amazon wish list.

 The sponsorship levels are as follows:

* Puppy Suites: $1,000 (this is for an annual plaque at the facility)
* Pink Suites: $2,500
* Platinum Suites: $5,000 or more (this will be a permanent plaque at the facility)

We are sure many of you really want to be taking part in this sponsorship drive, so here’s your chance! Collectively we can make a difference. This campaign will run from now until December 31, 2014. Of course, as is our tradition, we have four raffles for some awesome prize packs! To keep things fair, each PERSON who donates will receive TEN (10) chances in each drawing. We’ll give away ONE prize pack per month:


Prize Pack #1 – October
1 black Pink Pistol key chain
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Autographed Tyler Today magazine (Spring 2008 edition)
*Not pictured: 1 silicone Pawsitively Famous bracelet


Prize Pack #2 – November
1 Cowboys and Indians magazine (April 2011 edition)
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1 Light-up Pink Pistol shot glass
1 Pink Pistol koozie (pink)
1 Black paws bandana


Prize Pack #3 – December
1 Autographed Nashville Music Scene paper (January 2008 edition)
1 Vintage black Ran Fans koozie
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1 Miranda Lambert music preview CD (collectors!) – includes “Me and Charlie Talking”, “Bring Me Down”, “Kerosene”, and “What About Georgia”

And wrapping everything up, EVERYONE who donates (yes, we throw ALL names back in!) has a total of TEN (10) chances to win a brand-spanking new Miranda Lambert 5x Platinum plaque!! Size is 16″ × 20″ and it features 3D artwork from all five of Miranda’s albums over the past decade.


We know you’re all thinking, “How in the world can I get in on this awesome campaign?!?!?!” Right?! Simple! Make your donation to R.A.C.E. by December 31!! Here’s how you can DONATE:

PayPal (best way!)———> CLICK THIS LINK

Check or Money Order – make out a check or money order, payable to Pawsitively Famous, Inc. (not to any of its individual members).

****R.A.C.E. can provide you with a proof of donation for Tax purposes*****

Our mailing address is:
c/o Pawsitively Famous
PO Box 389
Columbia, MO 65205-0389

As Ran says… don’t forget to love a shelter pet!! By participating, you’re doing just that. Thanks for all the support! Let’s get this rolling!!

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Every tiny little bit can go a long way! $1, $5, $10 – whatever it is you can donate!

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