Driving in Nashville: Tips for Out of Towners

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Tuesday morning as I drove to work, a car with Kentucky tags merged over in front of me and slowed down. The speed limit was 70, and Kentucky drove a whopping 60. Inspiration hit me. Out-of-state drivers may need a little help before heading to Music City, unless they want an ugly experience. Here are 10 rules to help tourists drive in Nashville.

1. On a four-lane interstate, the left two lanes are called fast lanes. If the speed limit is 70, you should go 75 in the third and 80 in the fourth. These lanes are also passing lanes, and people use them to pass. Most times, we’re pretty good at this, so just let us do our thing and everyone wins.

2.Unless you are in a school zone, always go 5 miles over the speed limit. Nashvillians like to drive fast, so it’s necessary to keep…

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Atlanta Braves Open House Party!!

Everyone knows I love the Braves. I always have and always will! I became a bigger fan when I worked for them at Disney during spring training in 2004. Such a great experience and a great team to work for.

This past weekend I was able to make a road trip down to Atlanta for their open house. The stadium was open for fans to tour and watch the game live in Florida on the big screen. Of course, I wandered up to the club level and hung out..just a few….got off track somehow ;). Seeing the backstage areas of the stadium was awesome! I was such a little kid at Disney! If you are a big braves fan, or just a baseball fan period, stadium tours are always fun to attend. It’s like having the whole place to yourself!

The Braves season kicks off April 13th and it’s Chipper Jones last year! =( Go Braves!!

After hanging out at the stadium for a few hours, Ann and I made our way to Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. An absolutely gorgeous park! It was a beautiful day to just walk around and enjoy being outside. We  even ran into a taping of a Purina Dog Show and caught the last bit of it. Such cute dogs and free dog/cat food!! High five!

My last road trip before surgery on Wednesday 😦 Definitely an awesome weekend!

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Last Road Trip Before Surgery…Turns Into A Crazy Scene

As we were driving home from Atlanta, GA last night, I hit my very first DUI Check Point of my life– Of course, I passed!! No drinking and driving!!

Not even a mile after the Check Point, we come to another stop. This time we see cars turning around and fire trucks/ambulances flying down the road and then blocking both ways, so we couldn’t turn around. My first thought, bad accident. As we sat there for some time, we started to move a little forward and we noticed a house was engulfed in flames. Such a scary site to see. We were stuck for a little bit until the officers let traffic move through slowly, but we caught some photos so we could pass them along to the news stations in Nashville, TN. Praying that no one was hurt in this incident.

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