:TOP 12 OF 2012:

Another year has gone by and I’m still alive…so I might as well make a list of the top events that happened throughout the year, right?

Here we go!

12. Spending  NYE with my family down in Memphis! Great way to start off 2012! Love you all! (January)387784_10100313630973195_38422780_44867212_59137965_n

11. Black Friday Thursday shopping with my mom for the first time. We thought we were in the Hunger Games and going to die. What a freaking experience that was! (November)31620_10100825301236885_1058002_n_2

10. Spending the day with the Rascal Flatts during the CMT Awards. I became an official Rascal Flatts Escort Member…no – not like that! These 3 guys are so down to earth and fun to hang out with. (June)

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9. Going to the end of Miranda Lamberts tour with the boys (Chris Young and Jerrod Niemann) in St. Louis. This show had a major storm delay and the place flooded like nothing I had ever seen. Niagara Falls was coming through the venue! We almost had to swim back to the car – no joke! This show tops all of them from 2012! (June)

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8. Moving into my own place. I used to live on my own until 2010. Then I moved in with one of my old college roomies. I do miss having a roommate at times, but I love living on my own! Like everyone said to me – I can now walk around naked all the time. Baha! (August)

7. Going to the Atlanta Braves Open House the weekend before my knee surgery! I’m a huge fan and even worked for them back in 2004 in Orlando and had never been to the baseball stadium. I will definitely be back again! Go Braves! (April)545816_10100476138372065_38422780_45413980_1242784348_n

6. Hearing the news my good friends had left Kelly Clarkson as back-up singers and decided to focus on their own music! Congrats Jill & Kate!…and the release of their album “Heart of Stone” doing so well! Good people deserve great things! These two are the greatest all around! (September)267396_10100732241174995_1885161171_n

5. The end of the second leg of Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” Tour…what an amazing tour and amazing show! (September)

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4. 4th and final knee surgery…that only took 1o years to fix! Thank you Dr. Lawrence and Premier Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine! (April)


3. Seeing my best friend for the first time in years! Nancy and her husband drove through Nashville on their way to San Diego and we had a blast bar hopping in downtown Nashville and bellying up at the hotel bar! Can’t wait to do it again soon in Cali & Vegas! (August)404046_10100680945342255_312325280_n

2. Spending Thanksgiving home with my family and friends. It was a quick trip, but well worth it! (November)

Birthday Dinner

1. Taking a road trip to Florida with my mom! Our first road trip in 4 years! The 12 hours from Tennessee to Florida went by fast though…I had just had surgery 48 hours prior and she was coming down with the flu. I was happy to spend Christmas at home with my family and start recovering from shoulder surgery. It has been a tough recovery so far with this surgery and I still have a long way to go. I’m very thankful I had 2 weeks back at home in Florida to just relax and visit with family & friends – even though we all came down with the flu. I just hope next time I’m on vacation, I’m not recovering from anything. I’m so grateful I have a wonderful family, amazing friends (new & old) and an awesome job. Thank you all for making it an unforgettable, yet awesome year. Here’s to 2013! (December)

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