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Help a pup out and be entered in to win amazing prize packs! The fundraiser continues to move on to try and reach the Platinum status for Ran Fans at the Redemption Ranch! Have a few bucks? $5, $10, $15? Donate here! If you want to see the complete details regarding the fundraiser click here. You have until my birthday (November 30th) to donate in ordered to be entered in to win for the November Prize Pack!

Don’t feel comfortable paying online? That’s ok! Check or Money Order – make out a check or money order, payable to Pawsitively Famous, Inc. (not to any of its individual members).

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The November prize pack is now up for grabs if you donate (any amount will work!) See below for the prize pack.


The GRAND PRIZE at the end of the year will be a plaque! All donors will be entered for this prize!


Calling All Animal Lovers!! We Need Your Help!

Ran Fans Redemption Ranch Sponsorship Campaign

We need YOUR help in order for this to happen! Donate any amount and you’ll be put in a raffle to win amazing prize packs each month! This fundraiser is only until December 31, 2014! Donate each month to be entered into the drawing for that month. A prize pack will be given away in October, November & December! Once you donate, you will automatically be put in the raffle for the grand prize at the end of the fundraiser! Read below for more details and how/where to donate!
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Calling all Ran Fans!!!!! Renovations at Redemption Ranch (formerly the Tishomingo Shelter) are in full swing! In an effort to assist with the cost of this massive makeover, Ran and MuttNation Foundation are reaching out to us all!The R.A.C.E. team is calling on all Ran Fans, old and new, to lend support. Our goal is to purchase one of the “cage sponsorships” that MNF is currently offering in support of Redemption Ranch. As you have probably seen, there are different levels of sponsorship. The amount raised during this effort will dictate the level we as RAN FANS collectively can purchase. Once the level is determined, a plaque will be affixed to one of the cages at Redemption Ranch with RAN FANS listed as the sponsor. The majority of any residual monies over the sponsorship level we reach will go towards MuttNation’s Redemption Ranch Amazon wish list.

 The sponsorship levels are as follows:

* Puppy Suites: $1,000 (this is for an annual plaque at the facility)
* Pink Suites: $2,500
* Platinum Suites: $5,000 or more (this will be a permanent plaque at the facility)

We are sure many of you really want to be taking part in this sponsorship drive, so here’s your chance! Collectively we can make a difference. This campaign will run from now until December 31, 2014. Of course, as is our tradition, we have four raffles for some awesome prize packs! To keep things fair, each PERSON who donates will receive TEN (10) chances in each drawing. We’ll give away ONE prize pack per month:


Prize Pack #1 – October
1 black Pink Pistol key chain
4 Pawsitively Famous bottle koozies
4 Pink Pistol cups
1 XL (1st edition!) Pink Friday t-shirt
Autographed Tyler Today magazine (Spring 2008 edition)
*Not pictured: 1 silicone Pawsitively Famous bracelet


Prize Pack #2 – November
1 Cowboys and Indians magazine (April 2011 edition)
1 Autographed Live by Candlelight DVD
1 Light-up Pink Pistol shot glass
1 Pink Pistol koozie (pink)
1 Black paws bandana


Prize Pack #3 – December
1 Autographed Nashville Music Scene paper (January 2008 edition)
1 Vintage black Ran Fans koozie
1 Vintage camo Ran Fans koozie
1 Miranda Lambert music preview CD (collectors!) – includes “Me and Charlie Talking”, “Bring Me Down”, “Kerosene”, and “What About Georgia”

And wrapping everything up, EVERYONE who donates (yes, we throw ALL names back in!) has a total of TEN (10) chances to win a brand-spanking new Miranda Lambert 5x Platinum plaque!! Size is 16″ × 20″ and it features 3D artwork from all five of Miranda’s albums over the past decade.


We know you’re all thinking, “How in the world can I get in on this awesome campaign?!?!?!” Right?! Simple! Make your donation to R.A.C.E. by December 31!! Here’s how you can DONATE:

PayPal (best way!)———> CLICK THIS LINK

Check or Money Order – make out a check or money order, payable to Pawsitively Famous, Inc. (not to any of its individual members).

****R.A.C.E. can provide you with a proof of donation for Tax purposes*****

Our mailing address is:
c/o Pawsitively Famous
PO Box 389
Columbia, MO 65205-0389

As Ran says… don’t forget to love a shelter pet!! By participating, you’re doing just that. Thanks for all the support! Let’s get this rolling!!

* Required

Every tiny little bit can go a long way! $1, $5, $10 – whatever it is you can donate!

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Not One Artist’s Album Has Gone Platinum In 2014

We are now nine and a half months into 2014, and the sales numbers for the music industry are looking particularly grim. While the fourth quarter is typically when the most sales occur, things have never been quite so bad.

In 2014, not a single artist’s album has gone platinum. Not one has managed to cross that million sales mark.

One album has managed to sell over a million copies so far this year, but it’s a soundtrack. The ever-popular Frozen soundtrack may slowly be working its way down the charts, but it is by far the best selling collection this year. Though it doesn’t have any marquee names on it—those that are usually expected to sell the best—the soundtrack has managed to move 3.2 million copies so far, and with winter coming, that number is sure to rise.

By this time last year, five different CDs had hit one million units sold or more, with Justin Timberlake’s comeback LP The 20/20 Experience in front. By the beginning of Q4 in 2013, that album had moved 2.3 million copies, which is still far behind the success of Frozen.

In fact, album sales this year are so bad, you have to look all the way down to number four on the list of best-sellers to even find something that was released in 2014. The number two and three sellers are Beyonce’s surprise self-titled album and newcomer Lorde’s Pure Heroine, respectively. Both of those have moved in the area of 750,000 so far this year. Both albums were released in 2013 and moved the bulk of their numbers then, but have continued to enjoy commercial success.

Number four on the list is country star Eric Church and his album Outsiders, which is only 20-something thousand behind Lorde. Immediately behind him is Coldplay, whose Ghost Stories isn’t trailing by much.

Comparatively, 60 songs have sold one million (or more) copies, something not unusual in a world where loving a single no longer means having to purchase an entire album. While 60 is surely better than…one…when it comes to million-plus sellers, it’s not all good news. Last year, 83 songs went platinum, so digital single sales are sliding as well, but not as quickly.

We are now in Q4, and the time for record sales to spike is upon us. As more and more shoppers look for the perfect gift for loved ones, the record industry is hoping that they turn to albums, as so many have in the past. Sadly, the rest of 2014 doesn’t have many huge chart toppers left. We are not expecting albums from Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars or the handful of others who still have the power to move millions of albums. While anything is possible—especially in a post-Beyonce, drop-an-album-at-anytime kind of world—it is unlikely that anyone is coming to save 2014’s lackluster record sales.

Source: Forbes

We don’t know others’ inner turmoil

Beverly Keel was a professor I had at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). She was the professor who pushed me into working award shows and I’m still working the shows eight years later! Keel was hands down, one of the best professors I had. Here is a an article written by her that was published in The Tennessean recently. So True.

A study recently presented at the American Psychological Association’s convention revealed that people tell an average of 11 lies per week. I’ll bet the most common lie told is, “I’m fine.”

Wouldn’t it be great if instead we would tell the truth? “Thanks for asking. I’m about to fall apart.” It’s such a shame that we feel pressure to keep up the facade of normalcy, which is perhaps the greatest fallacy of all.

We are all broken in some way. Many of us are just experts at hiding it. After 25 years of interviewing the successful and famous, I’ve learned that they don’t have it any more together than the rest of us. Indeed, sometimes they have more inner turmoil than others and it may be those broken parts — their need for love, attention or financial stability — that drive their ambition or creativity.

I’ve been reflecting on this lately following a Facebook revelation by a friend that he was the victim of traumatic violence at a young age. My first realization was that my tremendous respect for him had grown even more. To think that he had overcome such horror, and became a better person and writer than I could ever hope to be, leaves me in awe of a man whose kind heart was strong enough to successfully fight off the anger that could have consumed him.

I felt awful that he’s carried the burden of this secret for decades. If I had known, could I have helped in any way? If I had only known, I would have been kinder to him. My thoughts raced back to our encounters: Was there a time when I rushed a conversation or treated him with less than my full attention on what might have been a horrible day for him?

Like many Nashvillians, I’m still having difficulty processing the tragic death of Rob Bironas. While I know nothing about his last night other than what I’ve read in the news, I believe that what happened was a symptom of something else going on in his life, not a comment on his character.

We shouldn’t be defined by the best day or worst day of our lives, but by the sum total of how we live most of the days on Earth. If you meet me on a good day, you might think I am kind. But if you encounter me on a day that I’m so lost in my own worries that I don’t hear you speak to me, you might believe that I am rude and self-involved. Yet I am the same person on both days. Hopefully, I’ll have many more years of good days than bad ones.

Bironas should and will be remembered as a Nashville hero, not only for his inspiring performance on the field, but more importantly, for the lives he touched off of the field. He created the Rob Bironas Fund to provide financial assistance to help young people succeed in school through music education. He also worked to help children in need through the Kicks for Kids program, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Then there are the countless children to whom he spoke in schools, signed autographs and gave words of encouragement. Perhaps his kindness was the one thing that gave a child the courage to compete or succeed, or let the child know that he or she was important and worthy of love. Maybe he just said something that gave a broken child the strength to get through another day.

Lately, I find myself saying, “If I had only known.” I could’ve been kinder, more present, more generous. But the truth is, I already knew. Because we are all broken in some way, battling our own demons, issues and pasts, we are all in need. Therefore, I need to be kinder to everyone. That way, I won’t add to their pain or problems, and I won’t look back in regret over what I could have done.

Journalist Beverly Keel is also a professor and chairwoman of Middle Tennessee State University’s Department of Recording Industry. Reach her at

Source: Tennessean