The Inaugural American Country Countdown Awards Oh Balls 2014 – The Most Accurate Review of the Awards

This is probably the most accurate review of the Awards aka a hot mess and yet another reason to drink….

Wait, what? Is this a thing? Why are we here? What is going on? First things first: American Country Countdown is a radio show currently hosted by Kix Brooks, of Brooks Brothers menswear Brooks & Dunn. It has been on since 1973, and was co-created by Casey Kasem (who is still not buried). It is “The longest-running radio countdown show,” according to the opening credits. But this is the very first American Country Countdown Awards. Why? Because it is a re-branding of the American Country Awards, which has a rich history going all the way back to 2010 when it was invented by the Fox Network. This awards show is younger than Icon in the Gulch. It is younger than Glee. It is younger than British moppets Sophia Grace and Rosie, who stole America’s heart with their cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” It is also hosted by Florida-Georgia Line.

So, with all that in mind, tonight’s recap is brought to you by Beer, the official alcoholic beverage of my fridge. Beer: Drink It™. (Please drink beer responsibly.)

We kick it off with Carrie Underwood, a country music person I enjoy. She performs a medley of hits, because they make no bones about how she is here to promote a greatest hits album. I like “Before He Cheats,” one of the only contemporary country songs I know. It is about committing what likely amounts to a Class D Felony, a crime which, in the state of Tennessee, has a potential sentence of 2 to 12 years in prison and $5,000 in fines.

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are the hosts. They are Florida Georgia Line, which is the musical equivalent of a herpes drip falling directly into your ear. They walk to the stage looking relatively nice in suits, but no, these are tear-away stripper suits, and the poor female attendees have been instructed to rip their clothes away as they ascend up the aisle. It is exactly as classy as it sounds.

“It’s the big year-end party for country music,” they say. Everyone in the audience they cut to is drinking, so points for accuracy. They highlight the bar that is on set, mentioned in this article on HuffPo that was no doubt written by the most frazzled publicist in town. Not mentioned so far but written in that article is that “bro” is a secret word for doing shots. It is why everyone will say “bro” all night long.

Sara Evans presents the award for Male Vocalist of the Year. Oh my god, they literally count them down! It is a ranking! It is a sorority hazing! Luke Bryan is the winner, announced not by the opening of a tacky old envelope, but via Sara Evans flipping around a smartphone. This show is now instantly dated. I love it. It’s like a ’70s avocado kitchen or everything you wore circa 1999.

Bryan immediately performs. So if you paid any attention to who the performers are tonight at the opening of the show, you can probably suss out who the winners are. I did not pay attention and don’t really care to rewind. I don’t know this song, I think it’s called “Amish Rollercoaster.” He brings out Cole Swindell (a name that, as I noted in my recent CMA Awards recap, sounds more like some kind of crime from the Middle Ages). Swindell wears a very nice sports-y fan-boy baseball cap and looks like he probably does a lot of crunches.

Maddie & Tae and Scotty McCreedy, three people who are more famous than I am, give out Group/Duo of the Year. It goes to Florida Georgia Line. They do a whistle song and one of them is wearing camo cargo shorts and red sneakers. You know how poor Scott Stapp has gone crazy? I’m pretty sure it’s because these two burst forth from his skull like Athena from Zeus (if Athena and Zeus were garbage monsters) and nobody bothered to put his head back together.

“Here to rock our world live from the Twitter bar,” oh Jesus Christ, it’s called the Twitter bar, “With a Brooks & Dunn classic, Kix Brooks and Jerrod Niemann.” This recap is also brought to you by Google, because I cannot spell anyone’s name correctly on the first try. Wait, is Ronnie Dunn dead? *searches* Nope. Thanks again, Google!

Emily Kinney (from The Walking Dead) and Chase Rice (from your grocer’s freezer) present Female Vocalist of the Year. The winner is Miranda Lambert. I am pretty sure I like Miranda Lambert and will not make fun of her. She sings her song and gives an appropriately dismissive thank you.

Chris Young and current Miss America Kira Kazantsev (Thanks again, Google!) present the next award: Breakthrough Artist of the Year Presented by Samsung GALAXY.

The Breakthrough Artist of the Year Presented by Samsung GALAXY (Samsung GALAXY: Drink It™) is Kip Moore. Fun fact: Kip Moore means “nap longer” in British English. He’s wearing a white shirt (doesn’t look like a tuxedo shirt though) and undone black tie which is a pretty good costume! It tells a story. The story is he is a fancy man who went to a fancy party and now he’s home and unwinding. What was that party like? Were there other fancy people there? The only better costume would be an undone white tie with top hat and tails on a stool next to him.

Reba! Everyone loves Reba, me included. And Kix Brooks. I am opinion-less on Brooks. She is given the first ever “Nash Icon” award. Nash Icon, as we all know, was a long-running CBS series starring Don Johnson and Cheech Marin.

Brooks says that there is no fooling country music fans when it comes to the sincerity, integrity, and talent of the artists they support, which is debatable (see: Florida Georgia Line), but I will allow it for Reba. Oh God, he brings up her dad’s funeral? Needlessly dark, dude! I mean, what basically just happened is the Fox Network needed one-off content on a Monday night in mid-December, so now Reba McEntire gets to relive her father’s death. Anyway! Here’s Miranda Lambert and (Reba stepdaughter-in-law) Kelly Clarkson! (Confidential to Kelly Clarkson: if you would like me to be your friend, which I’m sure you do, the Scene will give you my number. No pressure.) One of the songs they sing is of course “Fancy” and then Reba comes and does “Fancy” too and “Fancy” is a real good song. Love “Fancy.” This whole show should just be a two-hour rendition of “Fancy.” (Confidential to Fox Network: if you would like me to take over your mid-December programming, which I’m sure you do, the Scene will give you my number. No pressure.)

Star of Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine Melissa Fumero and Thomas Rhett count down Song of the Year. The Song of the Year, the only song ever, the best of 2014, is “Beat of the Music” by Brett Eldredge. He only sings, like, 90 seconds of it, which is fine with me. He thanks the songwriters and also The Bahamas. Not a joke!

Elf on the Shelf Hunter Hayes makes an appearance to announce Album of the Year. It is The Outsiders by Eric Church. To accept the award, Ponyboy and Sodapop come up and recite “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” but then the Socs crash the stage and Bob is knifecrimed to death. Don’t worry, though, everyone stays gold in the end.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Gone With the Wind, Lady Antebellum appears to sing a song (presumably) about the grace and beauty and lost world of how people used to own slaves. (I will never ever ever ever let go of this band’s name. It’s trash and should make everyone with a soul cringe. The word “antebellum” has a very specific meaning in America, and it is not a meaning to be lauded. Lady Third Reich. Lady Apartheid. It’s okay to be German. It’s okay to be South African. It’s okay to be Southern! But maybe, just maybe, give two seconds of consideration as to which era of a region’s history you want to evoke (see: Prussian Blue). As repulsive as I find Florida Georgia Line, at least they did not name themselves The Plantation Boyz, you know?)

Anyway. Speaking of FLG Line, they are now dressed as “bad Santas” and make testicle jokes and bring Lady Antebellum BACK after the commercial break and man, just everyone should be ashamed of themselves. Pretty soon after Eric Church talks about how albums rock and $0.99 singles suck, Big Machine CEO Scott Brochetta is there to give Digital Single of the Year to Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan for “This is How We Roll.” Nice knowing you, Church.

Vince Vaughn‘s questionable hairline is the big contractually obligated celebrity of the night, and he appears to name Kenny Chesney‘s even more questionable hairline as a Ground-breaker. Hey, look, 20th Century Fox is distributing Vaughn’s upcoming film, Unfinished Business! This, my friends, is what is known as “synergy.”

Sports people. “NASCAR legend Jimmy Johnson” and MLB “Cy Young Winner and MVP Clayton Kershaw.” But I thought it was going to be three people because I misheard “and MVP” as “Andy McPete.” Haha, I like how stiff the baseball guy is. He is so cute and bad at this! Here, I made a Vine. The Artist of the Year, they tell us, is Jason Aldean.

Hank Williams Jr. closes out the show. They call him “Brosephus” but I typo his name as “Jank Williams, Jr.” which seems more fitting. He sings “Da Yah Wannaah Paaahtay?”, the old theme song to old Monday Night Football, a program that does NOT air on Fox. Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder. Thanks for reading, you sick masochists. See you next year. (Especially you, Kelly, call me!)

Source: Nashville Scene

Not One Artist’s Album Has Gone Platinum In 2014

We are now nine and a half months into 2014, and the sales numbers for the music industry are looking particularly grim. While the fourth quarter is typically when the most sales occur, things have never been quite so bad.

In 2014, not a single artist’s album has gone platinum. Not one has managed to cross that million sales mark.

One album has managed to sell over a million copies so far this year, but it’s a soundtrack. The ever-popular Frozen soundtrack may slowly be working its way down the charts, but it is by far the best selling collection this year. Though it doesn’t have any marquee names on it—those that are usually expected to sell the best—the soundtrack has managed to move 3.2 million copies so far, and with winter coming, that number is sure to rise.

By this time last year, five different CDs had hit one million units sold or more, with Justin Timberlake’s comeback LP The 20/20 Experience in front. By the beginning of Q4 in 2013, that album had moved 2.3 million copies, which is still far behind the success of Frozen.

In fact, album sales this year are so bad, you have to look all the way down to number four on the list of best-sellers to even find something that was released in 2014. The number two and three sellers are Beyonce’s surprise self-titled album and newcomer Lorde’s Pure Heroine, respectively. Both of those have moved in the area of 750,000 so far this year. Both albums were released in 2013 and moved the bulk of their numbers then, but have continued to enjoy commercial success.

Number four on the list is country star Eric Church and his album Outsiders, which is only 20-something thousand behind Lorde. Immediately behind him is Coldplay, whose Ghost Stories isn’t trailing by much.

Comparatively, 60 songs have sold one million (or more) copies, something not unusual in a world where loving a single no longer means having to purchase an entire album. While 60 is surely better than…one…when it comes to million-plus sellers, it’s not all good news. Last year, 83 songs went platinum, so digital single sales are sliding as well, but not as quickly.

We are now in Q4, and the time for record sales to spike is upon us. As more and more shoppers look for the perfect gift for loved ones, the record industry is hoping that they turn to albums, as so many have in the past. Sadly, the rest of 2014 doesn’t have many huge chart toppers left. We are not expecting albums from Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars or the handful of others who still have the power to move millions of albums. While anything is possible—especially in a post-Beyonce, drop-an-album-at-anytime kind of world—it is unlikely that anyone is coming to save 2014’s lackluster record sales.

Source: Forbes

Award Season Has Begun!

24 hours until the CMAs air live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN on ABC. The CMAs are bringing back Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood to host the show…I honestly could pass on Carries humor, but I’m not in charge of the show am I!? I’m sure with the election about to happen, we will have plenty of jokes to start out with. How about Brad coming out with his Binders full of women??…just sayin’.

Performances by: Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Kelly Clarkson & Vince Gill, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, Zac Brown Band, Hunter Hayes, Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan, The Band Perry, Eric Church, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley and Little Big Town.

Lets take a look at the nominees. My choices are in bold.

Entertainer of the Year – Jason has had an amazing year and I would love to see him get the icing on the cake…if Taylor gets it – well, the world won’t end, since she won it last year.

Jason Aldean
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Blake Shelton – winner
Taylor Swift

Female Vocalist of the Year – Why is Kelly nominated? That’s what everyone is asking..well, you will get to see her perform her new country hit -“Don’t Rush” with Vince Gill during the show and she had a smash with Jason Aldean and Reba.. I’d like to see Miranda get this again, but I have a feeling Carrie will take it away with her recent album release.

Kelly Clarkson
Miranda Lambert – winner
Martina McBride
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

Male Vocalist of the Year – I think Luke Bryan deserves it this year. Just plain and simple.

Jason Aldean
Luke Bryan
Eric Church
Blake Shelton – winner
Keith Urban

Vocal Group of the Year – tough call here. I think Lady Antebellum will take it with their successful “Own The Night” World Tour.

The Band Perry
Eli Young Band
Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town – winner
Zac Brown Band

Vocal Duo of the Year – Sugarland is usually the go-to for this award since they kicked out Brooks & Dunn, but Sugarland has been MIA on the radio scene. They have been touring and Jennifer Nettles was on “Duets” this summer but I’m hoping for a shift in this award soon. I’d love for Thompson Square to evolve more. They put on an amazing show and have some great songs. I’m throwing an arrow in the dark and saying Sugarland for this award, again..

Big & Rich
Love and Theft
The Civil Wars
Thompson Square – winner

New Artist of the Year – This award is also a shoot in the  dark. Each of these artists have done pretty well this year. Lee Brice has had some hit singles; Hunter Hayes had his #1 with “Wanted”; Love & Theft also had their hit “Angel Eyes”, but I don’t see them taking this award. I think they still need to grow as artists. Thompson Square is still growing as well. Brantley Gilbert is kicking off his headlining tour…I’m quite surprised..not really a fan, but I see him or Hunter taking this.

Lee Brice
Brantley Gilbert
Hunter Hayes – winner
Love and Theft
Thompson Square

Album of the Year –  Eric Church – “Chief”…so hard to pick!

Luke Bryan, Tailgates and Tanlines
Eric Church, Chief – winner
Miranda Lambert, Four the Record
Dierks Bentley, Home
Lady Antebellum, Own the Night

Song of the Year (Award goes to songwriters) – Hands down – “Over You” – beautifully written and knowing what it’s about just makes your heartache.

Eli Young Band, “Even if It Breaks Your Heart” – written by Will Hoge and Eric Paslay
Blake Shelton, “God Gave Me You” – written by Dave Barnes
Dierks Bentley, “Home” – written by Dierks Bentley, Dan Wilson and Brett Beavers
Miranda Lambert, “Over You” – written by Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton – winner
Eric Church, “Springsteen” – written by Eric Church, Jeff Hyde and Ryan Tyndell

Single of the Year (Award goes to artist and producer) – I want to say “God Gave Me You” but I think Eric will win this with “Springsteen”

Jason Aldean, “Dirt Road Anthem”
Blake Shelton, “God Gave Me You”
Dierks Bentley, “Home”
Little Big Town, “Pontoon” – winner
Eric Church, “Springsteen”

Musical Event of the Year – Kenny & Tim. They toured together and honestly, I don’t recall hearing any of the other nominees besides Taylor because of the Hunger Games.

“Dixie Highway,” Alan Jackson and Zac Brown Band
“Feel Like a Rock Star,” Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw – winner
“Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die,” Willie Nelson featuring Snoop Dogg, Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson
“Safe and Sound,” Taylor Swift featuring the Civil Wars
“Stuck on You,” Lionel Richie and Darius Rucker

Music Video of the Year – Lord…between Eric and Miranda..

Eric Church, “Springsteen”
Kenny Chesney, “Come Over”
Miranda Lambert, “Over You”
Little Big Town, “Pontoon”
Toby Keith, “Red Solo Cup” – winner

Musician of the Year – yeah, about that…
Sam Bush
Paul Franklin
Dann Huff
Brent Mason
Mac McAnally – winner

See ya at the show!

The AMAs are next – Nov 18th @ 8pm and the ACAs are December 10th @ 8pm!

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CMT Awards/CMA Fest 2012

It’s almost here..less than a month away. ARE YOU READY NASHVILLE!??

Let the madness begin with thousands of fans parading downtown Nashville for 4 days!

It all begins June 6th with the CMA Fest Parade that travels down 10th Ave, then down Broadway. After the parade a Block Party (free show at the riverfront)…That night is also the CMT Awards – held at the Bridgestone Arena.  I’ll be backstage guiding those lovely artists around in circles and to interviews…basically making sure they don’t get lost and getting those limes and plastic cups for Kenny Chesney…never fails! I’m hoping not to get run over by Keith Urban this year…crazy driver…but he looks so good doing it!

And the nominees are: (My choices are in bold)
Video of the Year
Jason Aldean — “Dirt Road Anthem”
Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter — “You and Tequila”
Toby Keith — “Red Solo Cup”
Lady Antebellum — “We Owned the Night”
Miranda Lambert — “Over You”
Brad Paisley With Carrie Underwood — “Remind Me”
Rascal Flatts Featuring Natasha Bedingfield — “Easy”
Blake Shelton — “God Gave Me You”
Taylor Swift Featuring the Civil Wars — “Safe & Sound”
Carrie Underwood — “Good Girl”

Male Video of the Year
Jason Aldean — “Dirt Road Anthem”
Luke Bryan — “I Don’t Want This Night to End”
Eric Church — “Drink in My Hand”
Toby Keith — “Red Solo Cup”
Blake Shelton — “God Gave Me You”
Keith Urban — “Long Hot Summer”

Female Video of the Year
Sara Evans — “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”
Miranda Lambert — “Over You”
Martina McBride — “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”
Kellie Pickler — “Tough”
Taylor Swift — “Ours”
Carrie Underwood — “Good Girl”

Group Video of the Year
Eli Young Band — “Crazy Girl”
Lady Antebellum — “We Owned the Night”
Pistol Annies — “Hell on Heels”
Rascal Flatts — “Banjo”
The Band Perry — “All Your Life”
Zac Brown Band — “Keep Me in Mind”

Duo Video of the Year
Love and Theft — “Angel Eyes”
Montgomery Gentry — “Where I Come From”
Sugarland — “Tonight”
The Civil Wars — “Poison and Wine”
Thompson Square — “Glass”
Thompson Square — “I Got You”

USA Weekend Breakthrough Video of the Year
Lauren Alaina — “Georgia Peaches”
Brantley Gilbert — “Country Must Be Country Wide”
Hunter Hayes — “Storm Warning”
Scotty McCreery — “The Trouble With Girls”
Pistol Annies — “Hell on Heels”
Thompson Square — “I Got You”

Collaborative Video of the Year
Best video that featured a special collaborative appearance by artists; awarded to the artists (individual, group or duo)
Kenny Chesney Featuring Grace Potter — “You and Tequila”
Brad Paisley With Carrie Underwood — “Remind Me”
Rascal Flatts Featuring Natasha Bedingfield — “Easy”
Lionel Richie With Shania Twain — “Endless Love”
Taylor Swift Featuring the Civil Wars — “Safe & Sound”
Zac Brown Band Featuring Jimmy Buffett — “Knee Deep”

CMT Performance of the Year
(Musical performance on a television show, series or variety special on CMT)
Jason Aldean — “Tattoos on This Town” from 2011 CMT Artists of the Year
Lady Antebellum — “Dancin’ Away With My Heart” from 2011 CMT Artists of the Year
Little Big Town — “Fix You” from Music Builds: The CMT Disaster Relief Concert
Blake Shelton — “Footloose” from Invitation Only: Blake Shelton
Sting and Vince Gill — “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You” from CMT Crossroads: Sting and Vince Gill
Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood — “Just a Dream/Dream On” from CMT Crossroads: Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood From the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam

CMA Fest begins Thursday, June 7th. Get ready for lots of drinking, loud music, screaming fans and sweating your bootays off! It’s well worth it though! The riverfront shows begin at 10am on Thursday with Montgomery Gentry kicking it off. The best thing about it? The shows are free at the riverfront. Those with a CMA Pass do get in 30 minutes early, but it really doesn’t make a difference.

Check out the Riverfront lineup here:

To be honest, I’m more excited about the riverfront shows than LP Field…Soaking up the sun on the river with beer! Nothing beats that!

Lets not forget about the Bud Light Stage at the Bridgestone! Lineup:

LP Field Lineup:

There is tons to do during the CMA Fest and I’ll be posting with updates around town on my twitter. so follow me 🙂 Don’t forget about the bars in downtown Nashville. Amazing artists are performing all around town! Fan Club Parties will be happening as well!… much to do, so little time!!

ACM Thoughts…

This year I was stuck at home watching the awards instead of actually working them =( Stupid surgery!
Lets run through my thoughts on the show…

You can never go wrong with Blake and Reba hosting. They are the best hosts for an awards show and the ACMs actually got this right…It’s like an old married couple making jabs at each other. You can’t stop watching them. As for some of the presenters; KISS, Marc Anthony, LL Cool J and Ashton Kutcher….I know this is Vegas and all and we need to mix it up a bit, but you might as well have just brought Justin Bieber into the show…Wait, didn’t the Rascal Flatts do that for the CMT Awards??!! Total viewers mean everything =)

Carrie Underwood – “Good Girl”…Carrie can sing, don’t get me wrong, but the girl looks like a chicken with her head cut off when she attempts to dance. All I can think of is “cheerleaders are dancers gone retarded”. I’m in love with that song though!

Chris Young – “Save Water, Drink Beer”…I’m so glad he actually got to perform at an awards show and sing a full song! He is the biggest sweet heart in the world! He will only be moving up in the industry!

Zac Brown Band – “Keep Me In Mind”…not the biggest fan of this group..or a fan at all…NEXT. Great guys, just not into the music.

The Band Perry – “Postcard From Paris”…Honestly, I don’t really remember this performance…O_o

Keith Urban – “For You”…I could never get tired of Keith performing. I do wish they would have showed a little more of the video on the screen, but I don’t oppose to the camera being on him!

Blake Shelton – “Drink On It”…not a fan of the song at all..Sorry folks! I’d rather sleep on it!

Hunter Hayes – “Storm Warning”…I wish he would have been able to perform the whole song..what a cute lil fella

Little Big Town – “Imagine-Here’s Hope”…Hands down, the most looked by group in the industry. Their harmonies are amazing. They can never do wrong! Damn Award Shows need to start letting them perform more!

Jason Aldean – “Fly Over States”…Love this song!! Loved the runway theme stage as well.

Brantley Gilbert – “Country Must Be Country Wide”…In the words of Martina McBride…people need to stop singing about how country they are or how country is so country. Hate the song………HATE

Erich Church – “Springsteen”…Loved the piano part…he sometimes scares me a little bit..just sayin

Lady Antebellum -“Dancing Away With My Heart”…Great group and well deserved win on “Vocal Group of the Year” but something about this song rubs me the wrong way.

Dierks Bentley -“Home”..I loved Bono’s introduction. Dierks performance was on point and beautiful!

Scotty McCreery – “Water Tower Town”…Why??!!!

Brad Paisley – “Camouflage”…Yes, we all know Brad loves camouflage, but a chessy song about it?? Eh..I’ll pass!

Rascal Flatts – “Banjo”…I call them the Rice Crispy Treat band…

Toby Keith – “Red Solo Cup”…To be quite honest,  I’m not usually a Toby fan, but I loved this performance. I have no clue why, but I did. Deal with it.

Sara Evans – “My Heart Can’t Tell You No”…Some pitch problems, but it was her usually, cut my wrist song.

Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw – “Feel Like A Rockstar”…It was like watching a little jam session going on…not bad guys!

Miranda Lambert – “Over You”…such an amazing, powerful, sad song. I’m so glad she performed this!

Zac Brown Band & Braid Paisley – “Whiskey’s Gone”…I can’t stand when an artist performs more than once. There are so many talented artists that should have been given the 3 minutes to show off their skills. Plus, Brad in a beanie hat was quit odd.

Martina McBride & Pat Monahan – “Marry Me”…While, vocally it was great, a cheesy wedding with passage interludes during the song? I know you have a sad story and all, but could you not go to the chapel down the road and spare the viewers? I guess they can now say Kenny, Taylor, Keith, and all of the other artists were officially at their wedding.

Luke Bryan – “I Don’t Want This Night To End”…Love Luke, hate the song…Songs are just not the same anymore. He is an amazing performer though and gives it his all. I vote for him to start a show at Chippendale’s…

Lionel Richie & Blake Shelton– “You Are”…Another why moment…Wasn’t a good closure to the show, that’s for sure.

And The Winners Are!

Song of the year: Eli Young Band, “Crazy Girl”…Surprised at this one!

Album of the year: Miranda Lambert, “Four the Record”…. Unstoppable!

Single record of the year: Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson, “Don’t You Wanna Stay”…Another great win!

Vocal group of the year: Lady Antebellum…I don’t see them not winning this award for a long time. Kind of like Brooks & Dunn.

Vocal event of the year: Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson, “Don’t You Wanna Stay”…no one can beat Kelly’s Vocals. Perfection! Just release a damn country Album KC!

Video of the year: Toby Keith, “Red Solo Cup”…I fill you up…..

Vocal duo of the year: Thompson Square…love them to pieces!

New artist of the year: Scotty McCreery…Won a fan voted show, won a fan voted award.

Female vocalist of the year: Miranda Lambert…Thank you, Jesus!

Male vocalist of the year: Blake Shelton
…Amen! Such a humble speech.

Entertainer of the year: Taylor Swift…Reallllllyyy?? Can we stop the fan voting now and get serious? Great entertainer and all, but Jason should have had this.

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Photos courtesy of:
USA Today
CBS News
Country Music Is Love