8 Important Reasons To Let Go Of People Who No Longer Play An Important Part In Your Life

There comes a point in every person’s life when he or she parts ways with someone: ex, friend and anyone in between.

Upon first meeting this person, there’s a sweet beginning, but once you come to really know each other and grow comfortable, you suddenly realize that the relationship no longer brings any particular value to your life and is perhaps, even detrimental.

Sometimes, we hold on to people purely based on how long we have known them. Time can tie people together, but if you feel as though there’s nothing substantial keeping you connected, time is not a strong enough reason to hold on to something that’s simply no longer worth holding onto.

We grow complacent with people once we’re comfortable with them. But, hanging onto someone for the pure sake of it and because you don’t know anything else isn’t a good enough reason.

Fear is another reason why we can’t move on. There’s the fear of being alone and not being able to find someone else; fear of someone using our deepest and darkest secrets as blackmail; fear of the hate and tension that will ensue; fear of regret once someone is gone.

Sometimes, things are better left as mere memories. You can try to change things back to how they were or try to create things to be the way you want them, but you’ll never be truly happy because it’ll never be anything like how things once were.

If anything, there’s now too much pressure and expectation in the air to recreate what you both once had. Instead, hold on to and cherish the memories, but move forward. Be thankful for what a friendship or relationship brought you and taught you.

Beyond that, friendships and relationships — whilst they do have their downfalls and can require fixing — should essentially come naturally.

If a person isn’t bringing something significant to your life, not treating you how you’d like or isn’t the type of person you want him or her to be, it’s a clear sign that you need distance.

While it would be selfish of you to not accept a person for whom he or she is, it would be unfair for you to have to endure a friendship or relationship that isn’t cultivating a better you.

Now that we have come to ascertain why you may be holding on, let’s make it clear why you need to let go:

1. Let go because things are not the same anymore.

People simply grow a part, which is perfectly normal. You realize you want different things, no longer share the same interests, no longer understand and no longer connect.

Sometimes, it’s a matter of accepting that it takes time to let go, rather than holding on to something that just can’t be brought back, was lost a long time ago or perhaps, was never really there at all.

It’s difficult to hold on to people in life, but remember that you’re destined to meet different people along your journey who will bring you happiness, sorrow, pain and joy.

2. Let go because the trust and loyalty isn’t there.

If you know in your heart that you can’t trust this person and he or she cannot be loyal, then you need to ask yourself why this person is in your life. Trust and loyalty are the foundation of any friendship and relationship.

If they’re not present, it may only lead to paranoia, frustration, tension and anger that you’re better off without feeling.

Find someone with whom you can share your deepest darkest secrets and you know that after walking away, his or her lips will remain tightly sealed. Find someone whose faithfulness to you will be unquestionable because his or her actions, rather than empty promises, bring you a peace of mind.

3. Let go because you are unclear of where things stand.

Engaging in an undefined friendship or relationship is confusing because you don’t know what you mean to the person, if anything at all. If the person can’t make you feel as though you’re significant, reflect on why you’re allowing someone to treat this way.

Be in the company of someone who is proud to have you in his or her life and will make that known to you and the rest of the world. Be in the company of someone who won’t gamble with your heart and mind simply because he or she knows you’re not going anywhere.

4. Let go if the friendship or relationship is damaging to you.

If the friendship/relationship is making you unhappy or miserable, it’s time to bid the person farewell. We must not allow ourselves to feel trapped and used to being treated far less well than we deserve.

If someone is putting you down, competing with you, not paying attention to you, not caring about you, abusing you, embarrassing you in front of others, making you question yourself, belittling you or simply just not caring about you, remove the negativity from your life as soon as possible. Respect yourself enough to be able to walk away.

5. Let go if you simply don’t see eye to eye.

It is hard to make a relationship work if you can’t ever agree or see each other’s points of view. If the one thing you can agree on is that neither of you can agree, it might be time to walk away.

In many friendships and relationships, people come together through unlikely chances, through their differences and lack of similarities. Therefore, it can work, but if you find that it’s a significant source of many of your disputes and tensions, get out now.

6. Let go if you’re the one fighting to make it work.

If your relationship makes you feel as though you’re the only one putting in effort, time and love, reflect on whether or not it’s worth it. If someone truly loves you, cares for you or wants and needs you, the person will never allow you to invest disproportionate effort.

Find someone who makes you feel worthwhile and worthy. Find someone who fights to have you in his or her life. Find someone who knows how lucky he or she is to have you.

Find someone who acknowledges everything you have done and will do. Don’t waste your time on anything less.

7. Let go if he or she doesn’t encourage you or believe in you.

If you find that your relationship isn’t providing you with support, reflect on what the person is providing. You deserve someone who will be there to encourage you throughout your journey and believe in you maybe even more than you believe in yourself.

8. Let go if the relationship isn’t bringing you what you want and need.

Ask yourself whether you can do without the relationship or whether it’s something you unquestionably want and deserve. Sometimes, there’s this belief that we can be “too fussy” with what we want from others in life, but then again, why should we settle for anything less than happiness?

Don’t ever allow someone to make you feel needy for wanting someone who will love, care and support you, someone who will listen and give you insightful advice, someone who wants the same things, someone you can trust and will be loyal to you, someone who believes so strongly in you and your capabilities. Just someone who makes you feel like you’re someone.


Six Years and Still Going Strong!!

“I dreamed of going to Nashville”.Ok..I didn’t exactly dream of going to one certain place, but I didn’t plan on staying in Florida forever either. Yes, we have the beaches, the white sand, and who can forget – Disney World!

I literally sat down with my parents one afternoon in May and said, “Soooo I’m moving to Tennessee and going to transfer to the University there.”…WHAT?!! I’m pretty sure my Moms heart stopped, my Dad may have been asleep, but this sure woke him up. The questions/concerns of Why? How are you going to pay for all of this? You will be too far. Why are you changing your degree? Can’t you go somewhere in the state of Florida? After the initial shock happened – things didn’t really settle. I had already sent my information to MTSU and had to go to TN to check it all out and see where I could live, etc. Mind you, I went to school in Florida for medicine, but then got into the music business and kinda feel in love with it…even though it’s quite difficult to stay in.

I drove up to Tennessee in June and ended up staying with one of my friends from high school – who moved to TN when we graduated. She showed me around and I fell in love with, “music city“. We also looked at the school and I signed my lease for my apartment. I went back home to Florida and I’m pretty sure my parents still didn’t believe me. I ended up having to go back to Tennessee in July for a mandatory orientation with my department at MTSU and received my ID for school. Finally, everything was official!! Super excitement all around!

The rest of the summer went by pretty fast. My dad and I ended up driving to Texas in the middle of the night because my Grandmother fell ill and had heart surgery. We surprised the heck out of her! She knew my dad was coming to visit, but didn’t know I’d be there. I hadn’t seen her in 3 years – when I graduated high school. She was the only one who said, “Go for it” when I told her I wanted to move to TN. We spent a few days in Texas and then we drove back to Florida a few days before I had to leave for Tennessee. On my trip to Texas, it set in that’d I’d be far away from my parents. I talked to a few of my friends to calm me down. I was worried something would happen to my parents and I wouldn’t make it back in time if I lived in Tennessee. Let me tell ya, that feeling never goes away!

The days flew by and I packed my room up. My car was packed to the max with everything I could fit in there. I was scheduled to stay at a hotel for a few days (Opryland) and then I’d be able to move into my apartment that weekend. I was leaving Florida at 2am to get to TN by check in time. I remember saying bye to my parents and I could tell my mom was trying not to cry. She kind of avoids conversation if she’s going to. I got in my car and pulled out of the driveway and pretty much balled the whole 12 hour drive to Nashville. It was crazy to think I wouldn’t be back until a holiday break to see my friends or family. It didn’t really hit me until I moved into my apartment a few days later. I was doing everything myself and had no family or friends nearby; except Jen, but she lived a hr away. I had to deal with every situation all by myself and was scared I would do something wrong.

School began and kept me quite busy and I ended up getting a job at the Wildhorse Saloon – fun times with great people who will always be apart of my life! I went to MTSU for Public Relations in the Recording Industry with minors in Pre-Law and Management – yeah, it was a lot of work! Thank God I got into the program and graduated. During my time in school, I had so many opportunities to work great events and meet amazing people – Blake Shelton, Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, LeAnn Womack, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, Josh Turner, Reba, Jake Owen, Brad Paisley, The Backstreet Boys, Luke Bryan, Brian Littrell, Aaron Carter, Nick Carter and the list goes onLuckily, those connections have remained and I still get to work events throughout the country (CMAs, CMTs, Grammys, ACMs, etc). They never get old and no two are ever the same!

I literally went from 0-100 in a matter of 2 months. I was scared out of my mind I would fail and end up back in Florida after I graduated school, but I busted my ass off working at every event I could. I’m blessed to have an amazing job(s) and amazing co-workers who have become family to me. I could not have done it without the help of my family and friends. They get to hear about my crazy days and let me vent, thank you! I’ve met so many great people on my journey and it is still only the beginning. If these six years in Tennessee have flown by this fast and I’ve had this much fun; I cannot wait for the next six years! My life is absolutely crazy; but I love every minute of it. I have some wild and crazy stories that no one could imagine and they always get better!

Who can forget – my cousin – Kelly Clarkson…where it all began!

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