3 Daredevils Jump Off Roof Of Trump Tower Wearing Parachutes “Transformers” Style

Holy hell…

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Last night around midnight, 3 daredevils broke into the second highest sky scraper in Chicago and parachuted off the roof!

It was a jump off the Trump, kind of like they did while filming Transformers 3 back in 2010. The building stands 92 stories tall, and the highest roof is about 1,200 feet off the ground!

CBS Chicago reports that Police found out about it when people called 911 to report what they were seeing, but the three base jumpers were gone when officers arrived at the scene. The three people used a cutting device to gain access to the roof of the skyscraper at 401 N. Wabash Ave.

Passerby Antonio Nichols said, “they probably stole something, broke into somebody’s place at the Trump, and made an escape plan on some movie-type stuff.”

If the three jumpers are caught, they would face trespassing charges. If they are slick enough to…

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